The Evil Eyes Look

Pictures: This Road Runner comes to the bird bath for a drink every day now. Don’t think it likes the flash 😲.


Weather: It is not too bad this weekend, temperature wise, but without the Swamp Thing it would be a little warm. These RVs can be like a box in the sun that just holds the heat in. A fun thing I have figured out is that I can set with the door open and the Swamp Cooler running and get a very nice temperature drop, which is great because I can still watch my birds and stay cool. Not the most efficient way to run the cooler but it has a fan and a water pump so I don’t mind being a bit wasteful. It pulls 65 Watts of power when on low and that is where I run it for most of the time, on high it pulls 90 watts so not bad. Shoot, my TV pulls 55 watts when on, so just not that much power needed to run the Swamp Thing. 👍

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