Road Runner

Pictures: Here is another of the Road Runner on the Bird Bath getting a drink. The backgrounds kills this shot but I at least got it all in the photo. The light was just too harsh this day.


Exercise: Monday brings me back to my walking, exercise page updated.

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16 thoughts on “Road Runner

        1. We’ve had two different batches of chicks in there. For the first one, we stayed off the deck for the duration so we wouldn’t disturb them. The second time, we made no accommodation at all for them. The results were the same. They didn’t seem to mind our presence at all.

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  1. Ok mister John, I’ve got to know your secret. You can private message me if you feel you need to keep it hush, hush. Here goes, how do you get the birds to sit so still for the pictures?

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    1. No secret, just got to get them within 25 feet or less close to you and have a nice long Lens on your camera. The longer the Lens the farther away you can be. My Lens is only 400mm.


        1. What, you don’t think I can trained my own Birds?!?!? LOL, I think sometimes they trained me as to when to put out their seeds, water and when not to get too close! Thank you πŸ™‚!


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