Digging in the Rocks

Pictures: This Pyrrhuloxia was finding his seeds in the rocks and munching away.


Exercise: Why do I put this in my blog everyday? Well, it is kind of my way of holding myself accountable! And …. I am an old dude that just likes to do what he wants to do, LOL. My exercise page tells the story, but for good long time it has been a very repeating story. There was a time when my walks where different each day but as time has past, I am starting to be happy with just showing up for my walks even if it is the same each day. Another thing is that for a lot of months now I have been in RV parks and the choices are limit for getting in a good walk, not near as fun as when I am out moving around.

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12 thoughts on “Digging in the Rocks

    1. Thanks Hien, yes I put the seeds but even when I hang the feeders a lot drops on the ground. I sometimes like to feed in different ways to see what I get.


  1. To rehabilitate from my hip replacement surgery, I’ve been happy with hopping up and down on my purple foam pad. I go side to side to the right, then to the left, front to back, and back to front – 25 hops in each direction. I add one hop per direction per week! ;->

    It’s actually trickier than it seems, and provides more exercise than you might think. PM me if you want to know more.

    Virtual hugs,


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