Friend’s Truck

City: I rode to Las Cruces with a friend to look at a truck he was interesting in and he did buy it. Older truck but a nice looking one for it’s age.


Weather: The heat is kicking and the forecast says it going to kick harder in the coming week. I see at least one 100 degree day coming and lots of near 100 degree dags, not really looking forward to those.

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4 thoughts on “Friend’s Truck

    1. It is, he got a nice looking older truck. No, I am not liking the higher temperatures in the area 1 am staying in, wish I was back at a higher elevation.


  1. Ohhh, it feels like it’s been a long time since I visited your site! Hope you are well in this strange time we all are in right now. Here in Malta most things start to return to normal, but only almost. Many restrictions remain and you cannot go shopping without a face mask on and need to keep social distancing of two meters, airport still closed!!

    Your friends truck looks great! I He certainly made a good decision when he bought it. Take care!!

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    1. Thanks Anita, COVID 19 is still keeping all the places I like going shut down too. That is okay I got a nice place to stay and I am just chilling till things get better. NM state is still asking that everyone wear mask when in public but a good percent of folks still are not doing that, but a lot are so hopefully things will get better.

      I am doing great and I am happy to hear that you and yours are also! πŸ‘πŸ‘.

      My friend likes to have a toy to play with and this old truck is a pretty nice one to keep him busy.


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