Pictures: Pictures are off today 🙂.

Open Source Software: I like open source software and was wondering if other out there use it.

Here is some that I use.
1) Firefox- my browser (I have tried many other opensource browser) And use one or two more.
2) Thunderbird- Email Client
3) Keepass- password manager
4) Libre Office- office suite
5) VLC- media player
6) Search Everything- windows search tool
7) Audacity- music/sound editor
8) Notepad++ – Text editor
9) BleachBit- A cleaner for Windows
10) 7 Zip- file Compression Tools
11) SumatraPDF- A PDF reader
12) Green Shot- For capturing a screenshot

One I have loaded but don’t use much
13) Gimp – kind of open open source alternative to Photoshop

Other I have played with just to see what they do
14) Inkscape- Graphics/Drawing (Way over my head but fun to play with for a bit.)
15) ClamWin- Free Antivirus (I keep on a thumb drive to help others sometimes)
16) Blender- 3D Graphics Tools (Way over my head but I did a few tuts in it to play)

17) I have Linux Mint loaded on a very old computer I have here but don’t play with it much.

I may have forgotten some that I have or have used. All the above software is free and open source (FOSS). There is thousands of others kinds of software that is FOSS, and much of it is highly technical and way beyond me. I love FOSS!

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6 thoughts on “FOSS

  1. I also use VLC and Audacity. I probably have a dozen or more other free software that I use but I don’t think much of it is open source. Mainly they are “lite” versions of commercial software that do what I need. Mostly they are utilities or audio/video and photo software.

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    1. I too use free software when they are not too intrusive on privacy or computer resources. I use Bulk Rename Utility(think this one was free), I use ClipClip for my clip broad manager, Fast-stone Image viewer (plus I have some paid for Fast-stone stuff) and many more free ones. VLC and Audacity are both great software. I have a lot of utilities(not use often but I guess that is the way with utilities). When I want free, I look for FOSS first.

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