Portable Apps

Pictures: Not getting any new ones right now I am hiding inside from the heat.

Weather: Hot for now and likely a few more weeks to come, 90+ degrees everyday. Not my thing for sure!

Portable Apps: Hey anyone use these? I got a thumb drive loaded with them but have only use them a few times. I like that I can fire up Firefox from Portable App(on any computer) and have a prefect copy of the one on my computer, bookmarks, plugins and all setting will look just the same, handy sometimes. Also I have a copy of Keepass(Password Manager) with a encrypted copy of all the passwords to everything I have. I would list all the apps I have on the thumb drive but it is too many. Here is a few of them, Libre Office, Gimp, Firefox, Thunderbird, Notepad++ and many more.

Diet: I have been back on my Atkins Diet for a month now and so today is my “bad day”(the day I eat all the bad food I want).

Exercise: I got back at it today, exercise page update.

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