Shopping Day

Shopping: Went out for a bit of shopping today(Walmart) and the store seem busy to me, I was glad to get out of it. At any rate I got my food in and stocked up on my monthly shopping. I no longer need to do monthly shopping because I manage my money well enough that I can get things when I want but …. old habits are hard to break. I remember the days when I was a young man … I had best gets things I knew were going to be needed early on after a payday, LOL.

Exercise: Wow, 4 days in the can already, the week is going fast.

Weather: The temperature is about 103 outside now and it is overcast 🥵! The Swamp Cooler is doing fine by me, the area I pretty much stay in while in the RV is staying at 80-83 degrees and the air is blowing over me … I am comfortable. I know the AC could do a little better but like I said, I am comfortable so I’ll keep using the Swamp Cooler instead of the AC and save a dollar or two.

Have a nice day Folks