Just more Hot Weather

Weather: It is near 2pm, the sun is popping in and out and the temperature is 104 on the shade side of the RV! I remember why I don’t normally stay in this area during the summer … now! But this is a different kind of time, so it is as it is. I am holding the inside temperature to 83 degrees so far today and that ain’t bad.

Update 5pm: It max out at 106 today and it got to 85 in the RV … I am testing the limits here 🥵! I think the cooling off will start soon and I’ll get it cool off in the RV a bit! Hopefully we won’t have too many days this hot. Up North a bit where I have spent the last couple summer it will have some days that reach 90 and I have no problem dealing with it without a cooler so I will be fine even if we do have more hot days but still not to my liking.

Ha, even before finishing this post the temperature is dropping a little inside the RV.

Many of you out there may not know that here in the deep southwest Swamp Coolers are the most used way of cooling most houses, large Swamp Cooler can be seem on many home. I have even seen some house units setting atop RVs, but these are RVs that don’t get on the road no more.

You know I have spent more than one summer here in this area and didn’t give the temperature much mind but I guess age is making me feel it more now-a-days, Or … I could just be missing the mountains 🤔!

Exercise: I have knocked out my 5 days of exercise for the week as of this morning, so time for a break. The morning are not bad if you get out early enough.

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