House Finch

Pictures: A shot of one of the many House Finch that visit me.


Exercise: I walked my 2 miles this morning but at a slower pace.

Door Open: I have found that I can set with the RV door open as long as the temperature is not over low 90s, which allows me to watch my birds 🐦🐥. I run the Swamp cooler with a very large air exit(door way) for the air that it draws in from the window. It is not a power sucker so it works out. However if it starts in with those 100° days again, I will have to shut the door again and streamline the air more efficiently.

WordPress: Hey, some of you in the know about all things WordPress know how I can ……….. Background here for the question! I go to other folk’s blogs and make comments and would like to follow up if they make a reply to my comment but do not want to see all the other comments by other people or the bloggers comments back to the others because some blogs are very popular and it is just too much for me to keep up with(especially if I comment on two or three popular blogs). So is there a way that I can get a notification of the reply just to the comment that I made(if they make one) on friends blogs?

Night Folks

6 thoughts on “House Finch

    1. Hey David, I looked around under the discussion but I am thinking this all belongs to how my Blog behaves with the comments there. Here is an example of what I am trying to do ….
      Say I make a comment on your blog, I have the option of just leaving it and never knowing if you reply until I visit your blog again, not the best solution. I can also put a check mark in …
      “Notify me of new comments via email.” when I comment on your blog but …… them I get all comment by you to other people and all comments other people make on your blog from that post. Which is okay for a blog that don’t have a lot going on like my … one would end up with 2 to 10 comments emails maybe. However if I visit a blog of a person that gets a 100 or better comments I would get all those emails when checking the “Notify me of new comments via email.” is checked. I don’t want to see all those.
      I would like to see any reply that that person made to my comment but I see no way of doing that, without seeing all the other comments.

      I may be missing something here ……. but I don’t understand how to do this, if it is possible.


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