Bad Leg

Pictures: This Road Runner came by for drink and I could see it has a bad leg. I guess there is a lot of ways a Road Runner can get hurt, but this bird has been seen around the RV park a lot and seem to be getting by okay.


Exercise: Day 4 complete, one to go.

Weather: The temperature has been hanging in around mid 90s and that is not to bad at all with my Swamp Cooler. The weather forecast has more 100 degree days coming, unfortunately.

Night Folks

4 thoughts on “Bad Leg

  1. Could you be successful in feeding him? A roadrunner at The Holler sheltered in our garage for days due to the rains which it despised. I tried to leave it food, but it wouldn’t touch it.

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    1. Hi Cindy, I don’t think I could, 3 or 4 others around here also feed the birds and the Road Runner don’t often come by and there are other critter that would likely beat the Road Runner to it. Some of the other critters I might not want coming around. Did you try hamburger? I watch ladies one time feed the Road Runners hamburger right out of their hands.


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