Little Ones

Pictures: I just barely caught this shot, they were nearly out of site by the time I seen them. Gambel’s Quail chicks.


Exercise: I am staying with it, now over the hump day.

Weather: Another hot one with 100+ temperature. Sometimes I hate when the weather reports are right, LOL.

Night Folks

10 thoughts on “Little Ones

  1. Aren’t they sweet? We have two huge families – one Scaled and one Gambel’s that are congregating at the water pond here. This morning they came before I got out there to check the level. Uh-oh – way down. They scattered while I refilled it. I hope they came back. Somebody drank most of the water overnight. There were two deer just at dusk last night, and a family of two adults and two baby javelinas earlier in the day that had been slurping up the water yesterday. Guess they polished it off overnight!

    I wonder where they get water if our pond is dry. Poor babies – they must get terribly thirsty.

    Virtual hugs,

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    1. Oh nice, I think I have seen one Scaled one time about 10 miles from here. Your water hole is great and gets such nice critters, If I had a stick and Brick I would have a watering hole for sure! I bet they get water somewhere, the birds near always have a backup plan, when it comes to water and food. Water is certainly a big attraction here in the southwest. In this heat I am not out enough to keep a good watch out for shots of the chicks 😐.

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      1. When we were fulltimers, I saw more than one situation where other campers would haul out those low-lying terracotta pots with a saucer under them to put water in for the benefit of bird families with babies. Of course any bird or animal could drink out of it, but it made it possible for babies to reach the water no matter what.

        I have to keep a close eye on our water pond because it is deep-ish, and the water level gets way below what their tiny little necks can stretch down to. This morning, the bottom, about seven inches down, was just barely damp, so no doubt pigs or deer had been night time visitors. Some day we will get our trail camera back up out there, and I will see who is so thirsty.

        I should take my own advice for those tiny, feathery babes – maybe Amazon can help! ;->

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        1. That is a ideal I should do too, put a low to the ground water pan out for the little ones 🙂! I love the ideal of a watering hole for the animal in the desert.

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    1. Thank you Judy, I don’t seem to get many chances at getting photos of these guys. Thanks for the treat, I talked Barry into taking it, I was far too tempted to jump on it and if I had kept it I would have it gone in a matter of half a day, just looked too tasty!


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