Tree Bloom

Pictures: Here is a Tree Bloom from a tree in the RV Park.


Exercise: Day two done on my morning walks.

Cornonavirus: It is a shame that the numbers are going up again. I still see people without mask in places like Walmart, a mask is something that show a little respect for other people or disrespect, sad.

Night Folks

6 thoughts on “Tree Bloom

  1. The Target stores in this area have signs at the entrance saying that all people entering the store must wear a mask and yet one-half to one-third of the people entering do not wear a mask and no one from the store says a thing. These AHs who don’t wear a mask are so stupid and arrogant that they think it is their constitutional right not to wear a mask. It’s been a long time since my 9th grade Civics class but I’m sure there was nothing in the Constitution about masks. 🙂

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  2. Hello John,

    I tried to reply to your post the usual way, but it tells me that it can not be posted.

    Not sure what is wrong.



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    1. Hi Meta, I have not changed anything on my end but the WordPress folks may have, I guess this comes with the “Free Site”. Not as much control as I would like. I get odd things that come and go and have no ideal why.

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