Two Rufous

Pictures: More shots of the Rufous Hummers.



Exercise : I have finish the week off and now it is time for a couple days off.

Night Folks, everyone have a fine weekend.


Pictures: The Curve-billed Thrasher.


Weather: Again Hot! The temperature outside at my RV is 105 and it is only 1pm so it will get hotter before the days end. I will do an update of the max temperature before I close out the blog for today.
Update: Lucky me it never got any hotter, as if that was not enough!

Movies : I did some of that today.

Night Folks

The Boss

Pictures: More Rufous Hummer fun. The Rufous likes setting in this spot but his guard duties don’t let him set still for long because he has got to chase away all those other Hummers trying to steal from his feeder πŸ™‚.


Exercise: This morning was hump day, two to go.

Laundry : The RV Park where I am staying is small and one of the great things about it is that the laundry is free, that is a rarity in RV parks and this may be the only RV Park that I have seen with that little plus. Handy as can be.

Weather: Well our little break from the heat is over for a bit it looks like, weather forecast says 100Β° F plus in many of the next 10 days to come. πŸ₯΅ Time to hide inside again.

Night Folks


Pictures: When I get a head of lettuce I always take the top layers off and throw it away and the Rabbit sure likes that. I normally throw it in the trash but the Rabbit kept coming around, so I decided I would just feed it the lettuce and of course that was a hit right away.


Exercise: Got back to walking this morning and took the E-Bike out for a couple miles too.

Night Folks

On the Fence

Pictures: This Gambel’s Quail is on the fence about it all.


Lazy Sunday: Yep, that is where it is for today πŸ™‚.

Hair cut: Today was my once a month hair cut day. I cut my own hair and yes, I sometimes do mess it up with a few little gaps here and there.
    I was getting a hair cut from a barber about 6 years back and we where chatting back and forth as you do with a barber and she says to me as we where talking about hair cuts “Do you know the difference between a good hair cut and a bad one?”. So, I think well I reckon I want to hear what a barber thinks the difference is between a good and bad hair cut so, I ask, “No, what is the difference?”. She says “About 3 days for a hair cut like yours.”. I thought about that for some weeks after words and with me getting my hair cut pretty short, about the only thing that can go wrong is maybe a gap or two here and there. So, if I do have a gap or two, how long does it take for that not to be noticeable? Yep, that’s right, about 3 days!
    Okay, I thought, if I cut my own hair I might not do to good ….. but what the hell, let me try! So, I got myself some hair clippers and tried it out and sure enough I had a little gap or two(Cutting your own hair is a bit tricky). I waited for three days and went to look closely in the mirror and sure enough I could not see any problems with my hair cut what-so-ever! You would not have known rather a barber or I had cut it.
    Long story short, I have not been to a barber in over 5 years now πŸ™‚. I cut my hair once a month now and the first 3 days you might notice, sometime, that it doesn’t look like a very professional hair cut but you would be hard bent to tell after about 3 days. 3 days out of 30 … who cares? I am pushing fast toward 70 years old and a hair cut that is not perfect, is not a big worry what-so-ever! Now all them damn wrinkles … worrisome indeed, LOL.

Night Folks

Fearless Hummer

Pictures: Here is another of the Rufous Hummer. I cut off a bit of his tail in this shot, I’m not all that good at in fight shots. This guy is a fearless guard of his feeder and protects it with all his mightπŸ¦ΎπŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ.


Out : I went out for a bit this morning to do a little shopping and to pick up some water. I went early and got in and out before the crowd.

E-Bike : I took the E-Bike 🚲 out for a couple miles today for something to do. I like riding it when it is not 100 degrees or cold out, but while I am down here in the south part of NM, I will have to do highway riding only, no more fun off road stuff.

Good evening folks.


Pictures: A shot of my Rabbit visitor.


E-Bike: I got the E-bike out today and cleaned it up a bit and fixed a flat tire, rode around the RV Park a little for a test ride. I was having trouble with the pedal electric sensor because it was not telling the motor that I was pedaling( It had gotten wet while I was cleaning and it was dirty to. It works fine now that I cleaned it up and dried it off). Anyways I rode to the end of the driveway and back a few times for my testing. I still had on my flip-flops on and on one ride out while trying to see what was going on I stopped and put my foot down and the flip-flop slip and I fell over, LOL. I didn’t fall down but I was hopping around on the gravel like a nutty old man trying to keep my balance and just drop the bike and then my hat blew away in the wind …. there was someone driving by about that time and I bet they got a good laugh out of that show! The next ride to the gate I had on shoes … πŸ˜‰.

I like riding it in the desert around here but I won’t be doing that any more because I picked a lot of little thorns out of that tire and one bigger one that had cause the flat. The lower part of NM is the stickiest place I have ever been in my life time, everything is sticky!

Night Folks

Black-chinned Hummer

Pictures: Here is a Black-chinned Hummer. Without getting a picture and blowing it up on the computer it is hard for me to tell between the Broad-tailed and the Black-chinned Hummers and even then it is sometimes hard depending on the angle and lighting of the shot . On this one you can clearly see the black under the chin and I had a side shot of this guy and the wing tips being very broad is a tell-sign too.


Decent Day: Another, it is just too good πŸ™‚. Today the temperature is below 90 ….. feels so good!

Vans: Today I spend much of the day looking at the built-out of vans, turning them into RVs. If I could score the right van I think I could be a Van Dweller. It would be very different from what I am doing now but a lot of folks are doing the Van Dwelling thing and there are a lot of interesting builds. I would have to have a long tall model something like the 170 inch Sprinter Vans. Unfortunately the Sprinters are very costly vans. A small box truck might work too. I have always fancy doing my own built, especially now that I know just what it takes for me to get along in the on the road life.

Have a nice day folks.

Look who’s Back

Pictures: I am glad to see these hummers passing through, Rufous Hummer and Calliope Hummer. I would have been seeing them a little sooner if I had been up north this year, but it is good to see them now in the lower part of NM.



Exercise: I have been keeping up with my morning walks.

Weather: It is hitting in mid 90s now for daytime highs and that is so much better then the 100s plus. Today just barely made 90 πŸ™‚.

Night Folks