Late Start

Pictures: No Pic today.

Lazy Sunday: I have been having a nice lazy Sunday for sure.

Walmart/Mask: I forgot a few things yesterday while shopping and decided I would go ahead and get them today. I had watch Sunday morning news so I got a bit of a late start and that was a mistake to go to Walmart later in the morning. Too many people and many without mask today. I won’t go that late again.

Photos: It has been just hot enough that I don’t much want to go out and do any shooting and to watch my feeders I need the door open and it has been to hot for that. Also too hot for me to want to set outside any. Maybe I’ll take the camera on one of my morning walks this week. I do sometimes see some King Birds but not always. If I am birding while I walk, I always walk a bit slower too but that will be alright for one morning, so maybe.

Night Folks