Hot and More Hot

Weather: 10:30am and it is all ready 98 degrees outside, forecast says 107 today 🥵. I am betting I will top that here at the RV, we’ll see. I went out a while ago and got a 10 pound bag of ice so I can throw a cup in the Swamp Cooler now and then today. I still love the camp ground I am in, but the water lines must be close to the surface because after it heats up in the day the water will stay slightly warm all the time. Most places I have been after running the water a bit it will cool off. Of course I know the water lines in the RV will warm to outside temperatures or at least near outside temperatures because the lines are in the basement but even after running the water long enough to get it all out of the basement it still stays a little warm.

Noon: It is 103 outside right now and I have 82 inside. I have found that the little swamp cooler will only drop my temperature about 20 degrees max, so on a 107 day ….. well you see the math. At night when the temperature stays below 95 or so in the day, I can usually shut the swamp cooler off about 10 when I go to bed, but with the temperatures going higher I need to run the cooler all night. Keep in mind folks, I can cool the place down with the AC …. I am just too cheap to pay the electric bill that comes with that!

Okay, old man’s weather fuss all done for today 😉.

Exercise: Well I got my 5 days in this week, so it is time for a couple days off. After my walk this morning I went out to a little Gas Station about a mile down the road and got myself a cold pop and a bag of ice. After I got back I decided that I wanted to move my outside temperature sensor a little farther under the RV so the morning sun would not be hitting so long in the morning(really throws it off) and that took me about 5 minutes and that was enough outside stuff for today, LOL.

Movie : Might be time for a good movie … Update: Enjoyed my movie.

Night Folks