Stale: That is what I am feeling with this lock down, stale! That is okay, it is better then being laid up somewhere hooked up to a ventilator …. yeah this is better, so I’ll just hang. Of course it is always possible that I will get it … with it getting so wide spread. I am just hoping for a vaccine to come quickly. With Covid and heat I am doing a lot of movies and TV. I am guessing that covid is going to go into next year a ways but hopefully not all next year.

Phone: I have a pretty old android phone at this point and need to replace it and I would love to go with a IPhone but there are just a little bit too costly. Reading about the up coming Iphone 12 is making it tempting but that is a lot of money. At some point I will likely break down and get a low to mid range Android Somewhere near a 1/3 the cost of an IPhone 12.

Night Folks

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  1. I hear you John. I think you have lots of company feeling that way.

    You are watching movies. I am spending my time reading books. Lots of books. My goal is to have read 50 books this year. I have finished 34 so far. And they are not small books either. Reading is also called “Virtual Traveling”. *smile*.


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  2. I’m thinking of getting the iPhone 12 too. It’s supposed to have an amazing camera. You know Apple usually offers a 0% interest monthly payment plan. Why not consider that? My brother (who you know) bought an iPhone 11 that way, and it made it very affordable.

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    1. Hi Donna, nice to hear from you 🙂. If I got one it would be the 12 max 6.1 inch but not the pro model, a 1000 for a phone is just too much …. even the lower models are too much but I keep thinking on it 🙂. I like the specs on the 12s much better then the 11s. I think the better cameras are on the Pro models. One of the thing that I like is that Apple keeps their phones updated where-as the android makers not so much, one update at best.


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