Too Hot!

Weather: Damn, I wish this little heat wave would break! I think the forecast is saying the break will be coming about the end of the week. Can’t wait! Too many hot days in a row for my taste! Hit 107 earlier today and is about 106 now. The heat inside my RV is within one degree of me turning off the swamp thing and turning on the AC, If I can just hold out for couple more days, I’ll have it beat! I messed around this morning too long and let it warm up a little too much inside before I turned the Swamp Cooler on, and once it gets hot inside it is harder to cool it off then to just keep it cool from the start. Lesson noted!

Doing: Other them my morning walks and going to do a little shopping at Walmart now and then … nothing!

Folks have a nice day.

4 thoughts on “Too Hot!

    1. Thanks, I came close to spending some money on AC yesterday. I can stay cool if I need too but I am being cheap πŸ™‚πŸ€‘ and trying to save some $. If it gets too uncomfortable the AC will come on πŸ‘.

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