5G or Not

5G: I am surprise that 5G is still such a confusing subject when reading about the possibility’s of future rural coverage. Nuts! I am looking to buy a new phone near the last part of this year and have been fighting the battle in my mind of rather I should get a 5G ready phone. Yes 5G is coming but I read little talk about any rural area coverage by any carrier. Verizon still holds the best coverage for rural 4G coverage, but is 5G going to change that? Is any carrier going to have 5G rural area coverage in the near future or in next year or so? I read enough to know that the 5G rural coverage is not going to be near as fast as 5G city coverage but even so, 2 to 5 times faster then the speed of 4G we have now would be nice.

I never plan to live in a big city, so for me it is all about rural coverage. At any rate I will buy an unlocked phone so that if need be I can change carriers. However I am stumped as-to rather I should get a 5G phone, for two reasons. 1) The extra cost of the phone. 2) Extra cost to have a 5G phone on a carrier plan. For example, if I get a 5G phone and put it on Verizon that will cost me an extra $10.00 a month. So let’s say I get one and pay the extra $10.00 a month and it is 18 months before I enjoy any 5G coverage(and from my reading that might not be the case, it may be more like years), that would be $180.00 for nothing! And if it dose go for years that would/could be the life of the phone. And I do keep phones for a long time.

Anybody got any insight about the 5G coverage situation for rural areas? I did a good bit of reading and I can’t find much of use.

Exercise: One more to go 🙂. Each morning I look down at my belly and think “Yeah, I best stay on the ball with this exercise thing!”.

Out Shopping: I did get out for a little while this morning to do a little shopping at Walmart. I was pleasantly surprise to see no unmask folks, LOL. Maybe it was my lucky day?

Have a nice day folks.