The state of my Writing/Blogging

Pictures: I am picture poor today, so here is a shot of what my eyes have been looking at for a few minutes wondering what to write or put in for a photo, LOL.

07-18-2020-Edit Post ‹ RV John — WordPress

Bloggers Block?: LOL, wait I have always had that! Can’t write, can’t spell, and have no ideal what to talk about ….. Oh shoot, I guess it is just a normal day. 🤔

Weekend : Well the weekend is here so it is time for ….. same old stuff, LOL. Stay hidden from COVID! Well even less because I will not be exercising/walking on Sat and Sunday.

Weather: That is better, with temperatures in the mid 90s and not 100 plus 👍🙂.

Enough chit chat …

Night Folks