Little Enjoyments

Out of the House: I went out to pick up some water from the water-kiosk and then to Walmart for a little shopping. Who would have thought that going out for chores like going to Walmart and water-kiosk would be both enjoyable and a little dangerous? Wow, I feel that rush of doing little things as I did as a kid that amounted to nothing but was so fun for a kid, LOL. Not really, but it does remind me of the times back then …. doing little things that are enjoyable but maybe a bit dangerous.

Remembering: The above reminds me of a time when I was maybe 8 or 9, A child hood friend and I would go to a cliff that was near our homes and maybe 25 feet tall and find places to jump off it at various heights to try and out do each other. Such little things were so much fun ….. maybe it was that bit of danger, LOL. Of course if our parents had known it would have given them chills! I remember places that must have been between 6 to 12 feet tall, but at that age we where like little rubber balls that would jump off and bounce back up and rush up to do it again. We had to either climb up or down to get to these spots to jump from too, I am surprised that neither one of us(or both) didn’t break a bone or two.

Now-a-days I don’t dare to even jump off my pick-up tail gate, LOL.

Weather: It is fairly late for my post ending(near 8pm.) I got busy messing around on the computer and then had to have my shower and evening meal. But about 7:45 we got a little rain of maybe 25 minutes(so Far) and it is still raining, so cool deal and much needed! Glad to see.

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  1. This brings back little enjoyment memories for me. We used to climb to the top of young trees (15 ft or so) to get them to bend over into the next tree so we could transfer over to that tree and see how many different trees we could transfer to. The other thing was for two of us go up to the top to bend it down as much as possible, the one would drop off sending the other shooting up. Fun in a 1950s small town. 🙂

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