Black-chinned Hummer

Pictures: Here is a Black-chinned Hummer. Without getting a picture and blowing it up on the computer it is hard for me to tell between the Broad-tailed and the Black-chinned Hummers and even then it is sometimes hard depending on the angle and lighting of the shot . On this one you can clearly see the black under the chin and I had a side shot of this guy and the wing tips being very broad is a tell-sign too.


Decent Day: Another, it is just too good 🙂. Today the temperature is below 90 ….. feels so good!

Vans: Today I spend much of the day looking at the built-out of vans, turning them into RVs. If I could score the right van I think I could be a Van Dweller. It would be very different from what I am doing now but a lot of folks are doing the Van Dwelling thing and there are a lot of interesting builds. I would have to have a long tall model something like the 170 inch Sprinter Vans. Unfortunately the Sprinters are very costly vans. A small box truck might work too. I have always fancy doing my own built, especially now that I know just what it takes for me to get along in the on the road life.

Have a nice day folks.

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