Pictures: A shot of my Rabbit visitor.


E-Bike: I got the E-bike out today and cleaned it up a bit and fixed a flat tire, rode around the RV Park a little for a test ride. I was having trouble with the pedal electric sensor because it was not telling the motor that I was pedaling( It had gotten wet while I was cleaning and it was dirty to. It works fine now that I cleaned it up and dried it off). Anyways I rode to the end of the driveway and back a few times for my testing. I still had on my flip-flops on and on one ride out while trying to see what was going on I stopped and put my foot down and the flip-flop slip and I fell over, LOL. I didn’t fall down but I was hopping around on the gravel like a nutty old man trying to keep my balance and just drop the bike and then my hat blew away in the wind …. there was someone driving by about that time and I bet they got a good laugh out of that show! The next ride to the gate I had on shoes … 😉.

I like riding it in the desert around here but I won’t be doing that any more because I picked a lot of little thorns out of that tire and one bigger one that had cause the flat. The lower part of NM is the stickiest place I have ever been in my life time, everything is sticky!

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    1. I can go hardly any where down here and not have a ton of sticky thing. Even If I go just up to the T or C area it is better, I think I will start calling this place Sticky Deming! Mind you, there is plenty of sticky stuff around T or C area too but not this bad.


    1. If you ever rode a bike you will like the things, they are fun to ride. I would not have gotten one if I had not come upon such a good deal, but I have been enjoying my when I do get out to ride.

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