On the Fence

Pictures: This Gambel’s Quail is on the fence about it all.


Lazy Sunday: Yep, that is where it is for today šŸ™‚.

Hair cut: Today was my once a month hair cut day. I cut my own hair and yes, I sometimes do mess it up with a few little gaps here and there.
    I was getting a hair cut from a barber about 6 years back and we where chatting back and forth as you do with a barber and she says to me as we where talking about hair cuts “Do you know the difference between a good hair cut and a bad one?”. So, I think well I reckon I want to hear what a barber thinks the difference is between a good and bad hair cut so, I ask, “No, what is the difference?”. She says “About 3 days for a hair cut like yours.”. I thought about that for some weeks after words and with me getting my hair cut pretty short, about the only thing that can go wrong is maybe a gap or two here and there. So, if I do have a gap or two, how long does it take for that not to be noticeable? Yep, that’s right, about 3 days!
    Okay, I thought, if I cut my own hair I might not do to good ….. but what the hell, let me try! So, I got myself some hair clippers and tried it out and sure enough I had a little gap or two(Cutting your own hair is a bit tricky). I waited for three days and went to look closely in the mirror and sure enough I could not see any problems with my hair cut what-so-ever! You would not have known rather a barber or I had cut it.
    Long story short, I have not been to a barber in over 5 years now šŸ™‚. I cut my hair once a month now and the first 3 days you might notice, sometime, that it doesn’t look like a very professional hair cut but you would be hard bent to tell after about 3 days. 3 days out of 30 … who cares? I am pushing fast toward 70 years old and a hair cut that is not perfect, is not a big worry what-so-ever! Now all them damn wrinkles … worrisome indeed, LOL.

Night Folks

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