Wasted Trip … Kind of

Pictures: Here is another Ruufous Hummer.


Exercise: I decide to go ahead and do my walk this morning seeing as I was up early and the AT&T store didn’t open to 10 am.

AT&T No-help online Techs: Yesterday after I spending 6 hours on the phone with AT&T support, I got one person out 5 that was really putting in the effort to help me and he did that mostly by admitting he didn’t have the answer and contacted at least 3 other techs for help and they all said I needed to verify my account …… they were all wrong! I went to the AT&T store (145 miles round trip) and had my account verified and that allowed me to login one time and then … I was back to the same problem as before! ;^@$*%!!
   However, the kid at the store was smarter then all the techs piled up! He could not fix the problem of not being able to login but he did find a work around, great! I can at least get into my online AT&T account now, but I have to pick forgot password every time instead of logging-in as normal. After resetting my password I can get in. Hellfire way to do things but at least it works.

The rest of the Story: Well, yesterday while having all the trouble trying to login to my account, I did a silly thing and reset my device (Mobley ZTE Car Connect) and that caused an updated to the firmware on it ….. so what you say? As it turns out the car connect device had a option to stay on always before that firmware update but after the update it does not have that option, it only has options for 30, 60, 90 minutes and 2 hours max. So now I need to find a new work around to keep it always on …… $%^^&*(^%!!
   I am trying one now, which is to keep it moving a bit to make it think it is in a moving car. I read about one other, which is to buy a little power supply that keeps the voltage a little higher to make it think it is in a running car. I will likely get one of those power supplies . The testing is happening now 🙂.

Okay that ends today fuss!

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