Raw File Processing

Pictures: Black-chineed Hummer, I did not get much detail in the darker areas of the bird.


Raw Processing: This morning I used both Adobe Raw and DPP to process the above photo which don’t have all that much details in the darker areas and I was indeed able to save/recover more of it in DPP then I did in Adobe Raw. Now this could just be me, but that is the way it came out for me. By the way, I always use Photoshop to finish editing the photo. Actually, I finish with a plugin from within Photoshop, Topaz labs(DeNoise AI) Noise reduction software about 90% of the time.

Today Fuss …. : Let me see … I am an old man so finding a thing to fuss about is not really that hard, LOL. Today I will pick on software/web sites that wants to rent to you. I know that many of them need a way to keep an income coming in, however ….. lets look at all the software on your computer and think about the ideal of paying for every one of them … and paying for each web site you go to! Would that work for you? It surely will not work for me. So do I have an answer? No, not really, but paying $50 or more a year is not going to work for long, as more and more software companies pile on to the game. And $50 is low for what some of them want. Photo-bucket try for $400 a few years back, wow! Flickr is now up to $60 a year and then there is Adobe Photoshop with $120 a year…. What is going to happen if all go that way? For example, say you had to pay $50 for a web browser, $50 for an Email site, $50 for a news site, $50 for weather, well you can see where this is going. I don’t think it should all be free, companies have a right to make money for their work but greed will catch up sooner or later if they all pile on with large charges.
    Now, saying all that, I am not totally against paying for some things. 1) I kind of got hooked into paying for Flickr because I had about 3000 or more photos on there when they decided they would start charging for any amount over 1000 or delete them if you did not pay. These are all connected to my blog by linking so I either had to let all my old post break or try moving 2000 photos and re-linking each one back to the blog, no that is more then I want to do. So I pay Flickr. When Photo Bucket did the $400 a year I just had to let them go, so you find many broken links in the older parts of my blog. I do pay for other things too but they are all lower cost and I try to keep it to a minimum.
    I think If companies are going to charge they might should think about a time when everyone piles on to the charging game and we will have to pick what is most important to us. And if they could keep the price down enough they might get picked.

What is your ideals on it all?

Weather: It is 105 here at this moment.

Update on AT&T: They have been a bit of a pain for me lately but let me make it clear, I am getting a great deal from AT&T unlike Verizon who can be a pain often and I am not getting much more then the minimum from them and they are not cheap! So the hassle is well worth while with AT&T, and all is working well for now.

Good Day Folks