Out of Pictures

Pictures: I am out of new photos for now and will not be doing much shooting till it cools off a bit. I guess I have come to the years where I just don’t much want to fight with the weather, so I just stay hidden away from the heat. It is about 10am and it is already 96° out, nuts!
Weather Update: 1pm 107° 🥵. The weather person on the radio this morning said it might rain this afternoon, I hope she was right!

Exercise: Finish off the 5th walk of the week this morning, so now it is time for a couple days off.

Windows Shortcuts: I use smileys, and I have been firing up the on-screen keyboard and clicking the smiley icon on it to pick one, but I think I may start using the Windows short-cut { ( Windows Button plus period ) or by symbols ( ⊞ + . ) }, which brings up just a smiley set 🙂. I know this short-cut but I am just use to using the on-screen keyboard. Hard to break old habits. Those of you that use both Windows and smileys how do you type smileys?

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