Pictures : .Cactus Wren

Cactus Wren 02-7D2_ 11:29:21

Exercise: Back at it today.

Water Heater leak : Likely the tank …..

Night Folks


Riding on a Lazy Sunday

Pictures : Sir Gamble Quail.

Gambel's Quial 04-7D2_ 11:24:21

Riding the Roads : My friend came by and we took another ride to Silver City, we stopped by Ace Hardware, Walmart and Harbor Freight. We have both a Walmart and Hardware stores here in Deming but they are far better/bigger stores in Silver City, and we do not have a Harbor Freight in Deming. Other then those things we just enjoy the ride.

Mac : I am a little surprised at how well I have become adapted to using the Track Pad on the Mac instead of a mouse. I guess you got to give it to Apple, they make one dang fine track pad! Also making it nice is the fact that Mac OS has some really great gestures build in.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


Pictures : Gambel’s Quial.

“Hey, hows my Mohawk look from the back?”
Mohawk From back 08-7D2_ 11:24:21

Beautiful Day : Yes it is is a few day! Last couple of days got a bit cool but it is super nice today.

Gas Connection : On my RV I have the 30lb propane tanks and they have the connection that hook to the Green easy twist on connection, anyways sometimes these don’t make a good connection and don’t push the value in on the tank far enough to release the gas. I have found that if I take the tank and drop a couple of drops of 3 and 1 oil on the value and then use something to work it a couple times this helps make it work easier and sometimes fixes the problem. If you do this make sure to wear a heavy glove because you don’t want the gas blowing out on your hand, also you need to be careful and not damage the connection. This little problem can lead you to think that maybe your regular is bad and cost you a 100 bucks or so. I kept a spare gas line just to test this if need be.

Have a nice day Folks

You are Full of it!

Pictures : A Cactus Wren doing tricks for me while enjoying a meal.

A couple of clicks on the image will get you a bigger picture.
Cactus Wren 01-7D2_ 11:22:21

You are full of it!: Me too …. turkey that is 😀! I ended up with two plates of food yesterday, which was great, thanks to one of the neighbor and the landlord.

Weather : I open up the door for a while today and enjoyed watching the birds but the temperatures is starting to drop so time to heat the place up a bit. It is getting to that time of year.

Exercise : I took my walk this morning but yesterday I took the day off and just enjoyed the holiday. I will take the weekend off too, so says the knees and they are the boss. Damp weather of the last couple of day make the old bones ache a bit.

Have a great black Friday folks.


Pictures : Just a House Finch and not a very good background either.

House Finch 22-7D2_ 11:20:21

Nice plate of food: One of the neighbors brought over a nice plate of food, that I enjoyed greatly.

Visit : I took a ride out to another RV Park to visit a friend of my for a little while.

Happy Thanksgiving Folks

Turkey day One 2021

Pictures : Curve-billed Thrasher.

“I am the bird, that likes to surprise RV John with my loud squawk”
Curve-billed Thrasher 15-7D2_ 11:20:21

Exercise : Yep, did that this morning.

Bad day Early: This year I am going to make my bad days on Thanksgiving and Christmas I guess. (Oh, for those that don’t know, I am on the Atkins diet and once a month I have a bad day, in which I eat whatever I want for the day). I usually do my bad day on or near the 1st of each month. The reason for the change is that a couple of the ladies in the park has offer to bring me a plate of food …. just not in my heart to turn down good home cooking! 🦃🦃🦃

Thanksgiving : It has come back around again, so Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Night Folks


Pictures : Here is a shot of one of the House Finches.

A few clicks on the image gets you the bigger view.
House Finch 14-7D2_ 11:19:21

WordPress: WordPress seem to be making it harder to use the classic view to edited and write post, and that is the view/Workspace I like. To view things the way I want I have to login as admin, then if I jump out for a second to see another area of the blog (pages for example) I have to go back to my bookmarked admin login to get back to were I was.

Exercise : The knees are starting in …. Man, I do not want to go under the knife again! I am still managing to walk at least a mile in the morning for now.

Night Folks


Pictures : Here is my Curve-billed Thrasher that likes coming to visit me. It has a very loud squawk and sometimes comes in without me seeing it and scare the devil out of me!

Curve-billed Thrasher 20-7D2_ 11:20:21

Night Folks


Pictures : Just being silly today!

“No, not the woodshed out back, I don’t want to go!”
NO! 01-7D1_ 11:20:21

Chilling today : I went out to do a little shopping and other small chores but now I am taking it easy. It is a beautiful day to do just that!

Night Folks