Hello Again

I guess I am back to blogging now! I have been work camping for a year now but I am done with that. I have been able to put away a little money but now is not the time to buy an RV (even a used one like I am looking for). I had plan on work camping for a longer period of time but I just wore out on that ideal. I am glad to not be working no more 😀😀😀, Yes I am, who likes to work? I do like staying busy doing something but it surely does not have to be work!!

I am still in the Deming NM area and will be for at least another 6 month to a year more.

I have forgotten have to do all this blogging stuff! I have not been taking any pictures either so I will have to get back into practice for that too. While I have been away lots of new stuff from Canon has come out in the line of cameras but I will not be scoring a EOS R5 anytime soon at their prices. I hear and read many good things about the new cameras, they must be excellent.

Anyways I am back!!