Good to see my Blog friends

Hey everyone, thanks for all the welcome backs! I figure that everyone had just forgotten me by now and it is heart warming to have all the welcomes backs, thank you ever so much my friends, It is really great to hear from all of you! I feel like I have come home! LOL.

I will be getting around to seeing what every one has been up to on their blogs and I am looking forward to that 🙂! I have much catching up to do so forgave me if it takes a bit.

The camera …. well it has a bit of dust on it and needs a good cleaning but I will be cleaning it up soon and see if I can get get some shots of something.

Of course I am still not back on the road and won’t be for a few more months, maybe even a year yet 😔. That means that all my photos are going to be from this area …. but I’ll find something to point that camera at.

I have changed a couple of things … One; I have added a Mac-book Air M1 (Love the thing) to my computers (still have the Windows Machine) and I do most of my compute’ing on the Mac now. Two; I have upgraded(rented) to Photoshop CC which I have not used much yet but looking forward to getting use to.

Exercise and weight …… I am sad to say I have totally got into a mess on both!! I have started back walking as of Monday (Stopped about 4 months back) and back on a diet a day or two before that.
(Poor eating habits for the last year.)