Good Example

Good example: Yesterday evening I forgot to press the publish button …. still shaking the dust off the old blogging brain! 🤪

Exercise: I am not doing the 2 miles I use to but I am walking again at least, likely doing near a mile a day for now and I am going to try to do 5 days a week.  I hope to increase that as I go along.

Ideal for T-Shirt:  This is just a T-shirt  for going to fast-food and other places that give senior discounts …. ” If you are Feeling lucky punk, don’t give me my senior discount!  ”  I always fun with the kids at these places by telling them that the reason they give us senior discounts is because they know darn well we will forget to ask for them!

Photos: Getting ready, I have had already upgraded to CC Photoshop as I said in a earlier post and today I downloaded a upgraded version of Topaz DeNoise AI which I use a lot …. so I should start clicking soon. I am also charging up batteries for the camera today and I may have to buy a couple soon. The little indicator that tells how well the battery will charge on the camera is not looking well on a couple of my camera batteries. I am sure I will need to buy a new set for my camera flash too.

I just ordered some new batteries.

Night Folks


Forgotten How To

Forgotten: I think I have forgotten how to do this blogging thing, LOL. Like my camera, the old brain needs a bit of dusting too!

One thing that makes me very happy is is that WordPress still has the choice of using the classic editor, I am glad they did not drop it yet, I think they should just keep it forever and call it the old school editor 👍. If they ever do, we’ll adjust, but I like the old editor far better then the block editor.
I likely need to make some adjustments to my blog, links and such(some I want to add and make sure old ones work). I don’t think I am up to messing with a new theme just yet, I still like the simplicity of what I have.

Cameras: I am liking the new cameras from Canon but the prices are just a bit rich for me. I hear rumors that late 2022 may bring some cheaper EOS R models(Maybe Crop Mirrorless EOS R) … so maybe then. I would love to get some of that IBIS goodness. We’ll see.

Weather: Oh come on, you know us old men have got to talk about the weather …! Well Okay, I just say that I love this time of year in the southwest for this elevation(about 4000 feet), cool mornings and nights and beautiful warm days. It is nice folks.

Yep, I forgot to press the Publish Button yesterday, LOL.