Forgotten How To

Forgotten: I think I have forgotten how to do this blogging thing, LOL. Like my camera, the old brain needs a bit of dusting too!

One thing that makes me very happy is is that WordPress still has the choice of using the classic editor, I am glad they did not drop it yet, I think they should just keep it forever and call it the old school editor 👍. If they ever do, we’ll adjust, but I like the old editor far better then the block editor.
I likely need to make some adjustments to my blog, links and such(some I want to add and make sure old ones work). I don’t think I am up to messing with a new theme just yet, I still like the simplicity of what I have.

Cameras: I am liking the new cameras from Canon but the prices are just a bit rich for me. I hear rumors that late 2022 may bring some cheaper EOS R models(Maybe Crop Mirrorless EOS R) … so maybe then. I would love to get some of that IBIS goodness. We’ll see.

Weather: Oh come on, you know us old men have got to talk about the weather …! Well Okay, I just say that I love this time of year in the southwest for this elevation(about 4000 feet), cool mornings and nights and beautiful warm days. It is nice folks.

Yep, I forgot to press the Publish Button yesterday, LOL.


14 thoughts on “Forgotten How To

  1. Hello John.

    I am really glad you are back and that you are enjoying the weather is certainly a bonus for you. Looking forward to reading your posts as long as you remember to push the Publish Button . LOL.


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    1. Thank you so much Meta, it is great to hear from you! I am knotting more and more dust off the old brain each day, I promise I will beat that ” publish button” yet! LOL.


    1. Oh I don’t care for the wet/damp kind of cold at all, makes the old bones ache! I am lucky that I am in such a good area for weather, mostly warm and dry! The winters are easy compare to much places. Hope you have a mild winter this year.

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    1. “still makes me nervous lol” Me too for sure and unlike so many folks that do blogs, I am not much of a writer, so each time I hit publish, I know there are some mistakes but I do it anyways …. LOL. I think most of the folks that read my blog just give me a bit of a pass when it comes to writing, and I appreciate them for it! 😀

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      1. Yes, John! You deserve a pass, I deserve a pass, let’s all get passes lol! One of my dearest friends on here is a retired college English professor; when I kept making grammatical errors and apologizing, she said, “I no longer care!” Lol I do use my blog to practice my writing as I’ve always wanted to write. But I see it also as super awesome conversations between really neat and likeminded friends~personally, I don’t care about errors! Publish on! It’s a great support system in this “space”. Have an awesome weekend, John. By the way, I went by my old campground yesterday and visited with some workkamper friends. It was a great time!


        1. Thank you for words of encouragement, my poor writing skill need all they can get! LOL. Best thing I like about RVing is you get to see old friends in so many places 😀. Hope you have a fine weekend too.

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