Good Example

Good example: Yesterday evening I forgot to press the publish button …. still shaking the dust off the old blogging brain! 🤪

Exercise: I am not doing the 2 miles I use to but I am walking again at least, likely doing near a mile a day for now and I am going to try to do 5 days a week.  I hope to increase that as I go along.

Ideal for T-Shirt:  This is just a T-shirt  for going to fast-food and other places that give senior discounts …. ” If you are Feeling lucky punk, don’t give me my senior discount!  ”  I always fun with the kids at these places by telling them that the reason they give us senior discounts is because they know darn well we will forget to ask for them!

Photos: Getting ready, I have had already upgraded to CC Photoshop as I said in a earlier post and today I downloaded a upgraded version of Topaz DeNoise AI which I use a lot …. so I should start clicking soon. I am also charging up batteries for the camera today and I may have to buy a couple soon. The little indicator that tells how well the battery will charge on the camera is not looking well on a couple of my camera batteries. I am sure I will need to buy a new set for my camera flash too.

I just ordered some new batteries.

Night Folks


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