What to Say Today

Photos: Still dragging my feet on getting out and taking any pictures ….. 🙁. Hey, I got my batteries charged up and the camera laying out ready go!  No, I won’t take a picture of that! Coming soon.

Exercise: I did not walk today and I won’t walk tomorrow but I did get out and work for an hour or so this morning trimming the bottom limbs off the pine trees in my site. Just something to do.  I will go back to walking Monday.

Upgrades: While work camping I did upgrade my phone and I added the Mac Book Air to my computers both these things were much needed. My old Windows Machine is near 7 years old and my phone was over 5 years old and it was a cheap one to start with.  I got my Macbook Air M1 at a good price of $900.00, and the iPhone was just a ridiculous but I love the thing. I would still like to upgrade my Windows computer but it will have to be a cheaper one …. maybe something with a I5 Intel in it. I am enjoying the apple environment too. Mind you, I don’t use too much in iCloud but I like IOS and Mac OS far better then Android and Windows environment.

Relax time: I think I will lay back and watch a movie or something.

Good Day Folks





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    1. Thanks, Judy but I will likely be doing both worlds on the computer side of things. Android and Google I am glad to do without! Always wanted a Mac and this seem like a good time to get in. I had gotten a Mac laptop before but that round did not work out, everything is all good this time.

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