Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday: Yep, that is what’s happening with me today. A good day indeed.

Exercise: I will do my walk tomorrow, you know my 5 walks a week Monday thru Friday will kind of keep me going on the 5 day work week  … only without the work, LOL.

Birds at the Feeders:  I have gotten a lot of birds coming that I had not rather see so many of all the time and that is the Doves and House Sparrows. They kind of dominate the feeders.  The Gambel’s Quails enjoy the same seeds as the Doves and Sparrows but I my stop feeding with the Quail blocks because that is what they all like. I don’t want to lose the Quail but I do the Doves and Sparrows. I guess if you put out a free lunch you can’t fuss too much about who comes to eat, LOL.

Not the best time of year for me to try taking yard bird pictures anyway. I do this a very lazy way …. I set my feeders where I can watch just outside my door and kick back in my recliner with my camera and snap away. The reason it is not a good time of year for this is that there are a lot of flies around and I don’t want that for sure. When we have a couple of cold snaps they will go away and I can go back to my lazy birding. 😜

Folks, good afternoon, evening and night.