Not Working: I am getting use to the ideal that I have all my time to myself again again. Mind you I am not complaining, just adjusting.

Weather: It is  nice day here, overcast with a pleasant temperature. It is comfortable. The weather people are saying the cool down is coming soon, end of the week I think. It is that time of year. 

Picture: I thought that maybe I would try to processes a photo to see if I remember the basic and to get use to the different tools that I have on the Mac vs my old PC. Also the newer version of Photoshop.
Well the first tool that is new to me is the “A Better Finder Rename”, much different then the “Bulk Rename Tool” from Windows. I work thought it when I first got it months ago but I have forgotten how to use it, so I will have to figure that out again.

I looked and I still had some in the camera so here is one of them.


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