Messy Eater

Pictures : Here is a Lady House Finch, the table manners don’t seem to be great but she is enjoying her meal.

House Finch 80-7D2_ 11:08:21

Diet: I was thinking of my next subject and my diet come to mind but my next thought was no need to talk about that because It has been none existent, but I am back on it now. I completely lost all control of my eating habits over the last year. Food is a hard one for me.

Editing Photos and Glasses: One of the things I have changed over the last year is my reading glasses. I don’t have anything special but I did pick up some with the blue filtering for computers/screens and it does seem to help the old eyes a bit. However ….. I have to remember to switch to a different pair when editing photos, likely not good to have the blue filter out. 🙄

Have a nice day folks