Messy Eater

Pictures : Here is a Lady House Finch, the table manners don’t seem to be great but she is enjoying her meal.

House Finch 80-7D2_ 11:08:21

Diet: I was thinking of my next subject and my diet come to mind but my next thought was no need to talk about that because It has been none existent, but I am back on it now. I completely lost all control of my eating habits over the last year. Food is a hard one for me.

Editing Photos and Glasses: One of the things I have changed over the last year is my reading glasses. I don’t have anything special but I did pick up some with the blue filtering for computers/screens and it does seem to help the old eyes a bit. However ….. I have to remember to switch to a different pair when editing photos, likely not good to have the blue filter out. 🙄

Have a nice day folks


8 thoughts on “Messy Eater

  1. I learned bad habits when I was hiking all the time and could eat all I wanted. Now that I can’t get the exercise I would like, it’s harder to eat less. Are you going back on the “meat” diet?

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    1. Hey Dale, I have not been able to just exercise and keep my weight off since I was in my 50s! Eating less is the one I fight with for sure! Yep, back on the meat diet.


    1. I would say yes to that Gail and the ground dwellers do appreciate that, I’m sure. 😀🐰 What the old saying …”if you don’t get some on you, you are not enjoying it!”

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  2. Nice picture, John! I have the same glasses and they do seem to help. I try to eat more like a bird in these days. It makes me feel better. I get plenty and try not to be TOO messy! Lol

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    1. Thanks KL, I eat like a bird too ….. but I think my bird might be the Condor, LOL. I don’t really know what they eat or how much LOL, but I am sure my bird has to be a very big bird!

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