Flipping Over

Pictures : My Lesser Gold Finch doing tricks for me ๐Ÿ˜€. The tape on the bottom is where the post use to be but I like watching them flip upside down.

Couple of clicks for the bigger picture.
Lesser Gold Finch 15-7D2_ 10:21:20

Learning More: On the Mac I am learning more of the gestures, very useful indeed. I have all the basic down pretty good I think but I like the easier ways of doing things on any computer, so knowing more is better. I have the Mac Book Air so the screen is pretty small(13.3) so I am starting to use the Mission Control option a little more often. When it comes to computers many people hate having to learn new thing but I exactly enjoy learning new tricks on computers.

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7 thoughts on “Flipping Over

    1. Thanks K, I had always wanted a Mac and try one a few years ago but it had a little problem so I sent it back, but this time this one has been great. I have enjoyed learning how to use it greatly.
      I still have a PC but I find myself reaching for the Mac most of the time now. If you really like learning I would say go for the Mac, besides it sounds like you got your son around to help you if needed.

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      1. Thank you, John! Unfortunately both sons are in the Air Force and stationed far from me (one in Fairbanks, the other in Spokane) and Iโ€™m in MO! But I know how to find help and Iโ€™m a self-starter/learner. I should try it eventually! ~

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