Pictures : House Finch wondering just how the Lesser Gold Finch does that.

“Hey?! How do you do that??”
Finches 50-7D2_ 11:04:20

Mac Habits: The Mac has a feature for the Track Pad that allows you to press on it or tap to click on something, so coming from the PC and being a mouse user I felt the need for that click feel the pad gives when you press on it. Now I am wanting to start using the tap feature but I am having a hard time of breaking the habit.

And a worst habit yet …….
After all these years of blogging I am still trying to train myself not to look at the keyboard while typing but it is hard for me to stop, So hard! Even knowing that it would help me to type far better ….. the eyes just have their own mind.

Habits are so hard to break!

Ride: My friend wanted to go out for a ride so we went to City Silver, a nice little ride. Didn’t do anything much but we enjoyed the ride.

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