Old Stuff

Pictures : My Land lord brought this old tractor with a lock up motor a while back and got it running, he likes fixing mechanical things.

Old Tractor 24-7D1_ 11:17:21

Exercise: Not far but walking … I have started keeping up the exercise page again as of today.

Chores: Doing little chores today, took apart the battery vacuum cleaner and give it’s insides a good cleaning and took out the near 15 year old Honda Generator and fired it up to run a while, thing still works great! Folks, if you are going to buy a generator get a Honda. I never did any more maintenance then add fuel and change the oil.

Weather: This fall has been one that I’ve enjoyed greatly, with weather temperature that have been near prefect. Very comfortable!

Alright enough chatter for today.

Night folks


7 thoughts on “Old Stuff

    1. Dale I have no ideal, I too have forgotten many old farm items and I don’t won’t to remember them ..cause I remember just how hard that work was and I know I am to old to do it anymore, LOL. I hope all is going well for you.


    1. You are welcome and Thank You” Thanks for the tips and wisdom” I had to look back at my post to see that “wisdom” thing, I don’t get accused of spreading that to often! LOL.

      Glad to hear weather is good for you too 👍. I use to not care all that much about weather but the bones pay attention to it a lot more then they use to, so weather kind on keeps on my mind!

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      1. You’re welcome, John! And of course there’s wisdom! I think those that have lived in RV’s have much to share with others! That and just life–being able to enjoy the simple things–now that’s wisdom! I’m not looking forward to winter, but I’ll stay grateful, lol. Take care, John!

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  1. That was a nice looking old tractor!
    My first fall here in Cyprus has been great. 25 degrees Celsius in November!! That’s nothing you get to experience in northern Europe, at least not in Sweden where I come from.
    Good with exercise!! Here we count in km and with my dogs there are sometimes many depending on the weather and my and the dogs’ mood. I actually never check how far we go, but I keep track of time.

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    1. 25 Celsius, yes that is my kind of temperatures! Although the night cool off a good bit the days are often much like that here but we are about 10 F below that today. When you spend time outside one begins to really appreciate that kind of weather, yes? 😀

      I don’t have any pets with me in the RV because I decide I could not give them that attention that they needed when I decide to start full-timing but I know lot of folks that do and I often chat with these folks and they tell me it is how they get about exercising each day … whether they want to or not, LOL.

      Thanks for the comment on exercise, I want to do more but the knees say no. I can likely push the issue and get a replacement for the left knee(the one that has not been replaced yet) …. but I don’t like to think about going under the knife again! I may have to … at some point🥺


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