Pictures : Just being silly today!

“No, not the woodshed out back, I don’t want to go!”
NO! 01-7D1_ 11:20:21

Chilling today : I went out to do a little shopping and other small chores but now I am taking it easy. It is a beautiful day to do just that!

Night Folks

7 thoughts on “NO!

    1. Actually I have one of the little Gas Burning camp fire things that a friend give me a few years ago. I like it far better then burning wood, far safer and don’t smell near as bad for me or my neighbors 🔥😀. The landlord has a fire place in his house and burns wood sometimes.

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        1. When it is needed nothing wrong with burning wood … I was raise with wood burning stone for both heat and cooking and when I was about 11 it became my job to cut all the wood ( no chainsaw, just a good axe ). This was done by going to the woods and cutting down the tree or finding a falling tree and packing it back to the house on my shoulders as logs and then cutting it to fit the stove. There was some years later in life as an adult I burned wood for heat but not many and I had a chainsaw and a way to haul the wood as an adult.
          Of course as a kid there was lots of camp fires too, you might think all that would make me love camp fires …. but I don’t care for them much.

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