Pictures : Here is a shot of one of the House Finches.

A few clicks on the image gets you the bigger view.
House Finch 14-7D2_ 11:19:21

WordPress: WordPress seem to be making it harder to use the classic view to edited and write post, and that is the view/Workspace I like. To view things the way I want I have to login as admin, then if I jump out for a second to see another area of the blog (pages for example) I have to go back to my bookmarked admin login to get back to were I was.

Exercise : The knees are starting in …. Man, I do not want to go under the knife again! I am still managing to walk at least a mile in the morning for now.

Night Folks


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    1. I have become comfortable dealing with a little HTML Code and don’t care for the block stuff at all. At some point I will have to deal with it I guess. That’s it, I have had it …. I going to go talk about the weather on my Blog!!! LOL. Just no love for the old in this new smart world!

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