You are Full of it!

Pictures : A Cactus Wren doing tricks for me while enjoying a meal.

A couple of clicks on the image will get you a bigger picture.
Cactus Wren 01-7D2_ 11:22:21

You are full of it!: Me too …. turkey that is 😀! I ended up with two plates of food yesterday, which was great, thanks to one of the neighbor and the landlord.

Weather : I open up the door for a while today and enjoyed watching the birds but the temperatures is starting to drop so time to heat the place up a bit. It is getting to that time of year.

Exercise : I took my walk this morning but yesterday I took the day off and just enjoyed the holiday. I will take the weekend off too, so says the knees and they are the boss. Damp weather of the last couple of day make the old bones ache a bit.

Have a great black Friday folks.