Pictures : Gambel’s Quial.

“Hey, hows my Mohawk look from the back?”
Mohawk From back 08-7D2_ 11:24:21

Beautiful Day : Yes it is is a few day! Last couple of days got a bit cool but it is super nice today.

Gas Connection : On my RV I have the 30lb propane tanks and they have the connection that hook to the Green easy twist on connection, anyways sometimes these don’t make a good connection and don’t push the value in on the tank far enough to release the gas. I have found that if I take the tank and drop a couple of drops of 3 and 1 oil on the value and then use something to work it a couple times this helps make it work easier and sometimes fixes the problem. If you do this make sure to wear a heavy glove because you don’t want the gas blowing out on your hand, also you need to be careful and not damage the connection. This little problem can lead you to think that maybe your regular is bad and cost you a 100 bucks or so. I kept a spare gas line just to test this if need be.

Have a nice day Folks