The new Year : Less than 12 hours to go and 2021 will never be seen again. My only resolution for 2022 is to keep on my diet and lose some weight. The first time I did the Atkins diet I stay on it for a little over 3 year best I remember, and that was with no bad days. I often walked for 10 miles or better and could do 3 and 4 miles day after day and did so often. I know that I won’t be reaching that level again. However I do hope to stay study at diet and exercise. I am not sure how much I can lose at this rate but it will be a lot better than I have done over the past year.

So that is it, my resolution is to lose some weight in 2022.

Exercise : Rained out this morning, not the best end to this year considering the above, LOL. Oh well, good day to do some laundry I reckon.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Buzzing By

Buzzing By : The Holidays seems to be going by really fast this year. Tomorrow will be New Years Eve already. I remember the times that I had to have the booze all stock for this time of year, that has not happen for near 30 years now and for me it is a good thing. I liked the drink a little too much back then!

Keeping Up : Been keeping up on my exercise (for what little it is anymore) this week. Tomorrow morning is not going to be too cold, well by the time I get around to walking it won’t be anyways. The weekend is going to be cold so the timing is pretty good for me. Just hope that by Monday it is starting to come around to a little nicer temperature.

Batteries : The solar charger is doing a good job of keeping my one 12 volt deep cycle up to speed even on all these very cloudy days that we have been having. Don’t believe my bad luck of having the inverter and the converter both going out within a few months of each other. I could easily replace my converter with not much cost and little labor but I guess I am being a bit stubborn about it. Just tired of putting money into this rig.

Night Folks


Watching/Shopping : I have started to watch Craigslist for RVs that might be in my range in a few months form now and I am mostly looking at 5th Wheels that are 5 to 10 years newer then the one I have or a Motor home 2 to 6 years newer then my 5th Wheel. So nothing very much newer but a lot better condition hopefully. If it is a 5th wheel I will have to put a little less into it so I have enough to do a some work on the truck and if it is a Motor Home I will be able to go a little higher because I can sale my truck to recover a little money. Of course, if it is a Motor Home I will have to have a car or something to tow behind it, so that is a cost I will have to keep in mind. For now I am just looking, but I am looking.

Exercise : I did a little more this morning but not a lot more, exercise page updated.

Days go Quickly : Seems like my days go by quick, it starts and it is over. I guess the older one gets the fast time goes? Seems that way! Maybe I need so long lasting fun things … they are harder to come by the older you get … you know what I mean? LOL.

Night Folks

Tough Water Day

Chores : Today I got out and did a few chores about town. One of the chores was to get my gallon jugs of water from one of the water vending machine here is town and I got in behind a couple that was getting 50 gallon of water, really! Worst yet when they got done the vending machine was broken, so I had to go else where after waiting all that time. There are three machine in town that I know of and the next one I went to was out of order too, so I had to go to the third, a tough water day! LOL.

I went later in the day (afternoon) and Walmart was pretty busy too and a full Walmart is never no fun.

Staying In : I am not getting out much of late and I seem to be just fine with staying in too. Coronavirus and high fuel cost are discouraging to me, making me feel just fine with just staying in.

Cold : Looks like winter is coming around to this area, weekend forecast is looking chilly for sure. Well we have had some great weather during the last months of the year, so I guess a bit of the cold is okay.

Night Folks

Long Project

Water Heater : Lots of little aggravations when changing the mounting size and brand of water heaters in a RV, but we’ll coming along. I have a few cosmetic things to do it to make it look a little better and a few water lines to tie down.

I had tested the gas side of the water heater to make sure it worked but had not ran a complete heating cyclic till today and it makes the water a little hotter then the electric side, also makes the pressure relief valve bleed off a bit. So today I was making sure the bleed off water was not getting into the wood of the RV, which is already damaged from the other water heater. That wood is a 4 x 8 foot piece that is the floor of the RV. It is under walls and other things too so, … it will not be getting replace by me.

Lost Draft : LOL, I found the lost draft and somehow I had added it as a new page, that is what I get for taking a year off and forgetting everything I know about WordPress.

Exercise : I got back to it today.

weather : Looks like we are going to get a little bit of a cool down but nothing severe. The wind has pick up a good bit too.

Night Folks

Lost Draft?

WordPress : Well WordPress is giving me grief today, I lost a save draft somehow and that has not happen for a long time. I had most of my Christmas Day post done and stop to over stuff my face and when I came back it was gone, go figure. Guess it is a good thing I didn’t say anything important ….. oh wait, I never do that anyways, LOL.

Beautiful Day and Stuff : The weather is fine here and I have eaten way too much today. That covers my day completely! Except that I have sitting down in my recliner and now I can’t get up for fear of busting , LOL.
The weather is so nice that I have my RV door open and enjoying the fresh air.
By the way, I hope most of you didn’t over stuff yourself like I did and then think, “Why did I do that?”.

Wishes : I do hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas day, Merry Christmas all.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas : I hope everyone is having a nice Christmas. As for me, it will be a eat bad day and I have it on the way with some goodies stored away.

Water Heater : Well the new Water Heater is installed and working. It took me a bit of time and work to get it done and I still need to do a couple of things yet but the basics are done. I did the main install on Wed and finish off most of it yesterday. Still a few lose ends but everything is functional.

Electrical : My next problem with this RV is my converter. I loss my inverter a few months back but was waiting to maybe the next RV before rebuilding my solar system and now it seem my converter is also shot … ^&%#!!! Oh, the 7 year old batteries are shot too and I have just replace them with one 12 volt battery form Walmart so it ain’t much but will do fine while setting still and being hookup to electric. So I need a converter … for now. I can charge my battery for now with the solar charger but that will not let me run my furnace. Need be I can get by without it for a bit. I still have the catalytic heater and electric heaters as needed.

Of course if I ever get back on the road I will have to rebuild the solar system but for now that is not a concern.

Exercise: I did fair this week but I did miss wed because I knew that I would get all the exercise I needed installing the water heater. Also I did a little longer walk this morning(Friday), well longer compare to the walks I am now doing. Exercise page has been updated.

Merry Christmas

This was for 24 Dec … forgot the Publish button again!


Pictures : Not today.

Insurance : Today I switch insurance companies to save a little money and get my deductible down from 500 to 100 dollars, good deal all the way around. I try my best to understand their roadside assistance plan but give up after talking with 8 people about it. The sales folks are not prepared to get very technical with the details.
The reason I did this was with my last insurance company I had to have a bit of help once and they pay only $75.00 of the bill ….. well I don’t know about you guys but most tow companies I know of will maybe only start their truck for that much! They won’t even ride by and wave at you out the window for that much! LOL. Anyways I could not get a complete answers out of them … it like wait and see … surprise surprise surprise! LOL. Well some is better then none and they have a good BBB rating, so maybe.

Exercise : The knees fuss, so I am keeping the walks short this week.

Water Heater : Hope to get it and all the parts in during the next day or two.

Night Folks

Chicken Coop

Pictures : A shot of the fence leading to the Chicken Coop, it is the landlord chickens and he give out eggs to us folks that live here from time to time. He is a old dude like most of us in the park and a fine person.

Chicken Coop 27-7D1_ 11:17:21

Knees : The knees are not fussing as much today, so maybe I did alright last week and didn’t over do it.

Have a nice day folks.


Pictures : No picture today.

Weekend : Well, it is a coolest gloomy day and I am in the just chilling mode …. OH WAIT … I am always in that mode, LOL. Anyways it will likely be a good movie day. I did a little shopping this morning and pick up my drinking water from the Walgreens water vending machine and that is about it.

Exercise : The knees are fussing a bit this weekend but hopefully by Monday they will be recovered, we’ll see I guess 🤞 finger crossed!

Movies : I have been streaming movies of late on my AT&T Mobley Device that I got back some years ago. I have been lucky that it has stayed in service this many years. It give me unlimited data for a measly $25.00 a month. Such a good deal, they did not keep it open long, but they are still honoring it. Bottom line, movie time.

Night Folks