Boring in my Old Age

Pictures : Maybe I need to take a ride to a good birding area somewhere, or a scenic area …..!

Boring Me : I think maybe I am get boring in my old age, and I don’t really care, LOL. More fun things about getting older, you start to care less about unimportant things! Shoot, you even care less about the important ones too, maybe it is the key to being happier in our later years. no worries 🤔!

Birds : I just seen a thing I had not seen before (too dark to get a picture) the Gambel’s Quail where all getting a drink before going to roost and they must have been at least 15 of them on the bird bath at once, I had never seen them do that before. It would have certainly made a fine picture if I had been setup to take such a shot.

Night folks

2 thoughts on “Boring in my Old Age

  1. 15 Gambel’s Quails! Would have been an awesome shot. Don’t start me about all those I missed because I either did not have my camera with me or was not quick enough to pull it out and get set.

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    1. I often see that many Gambel’s but not in the 18 inch circle that the bird bath is. Yeah, my camera was about 6 feet away from me and that would have been enough movement to scare them away, I would have to run the ISO way up, zoom out to the 100 mm range and them take the shot. It was right at the edge of dark so it would have still been a hard shot.
      When I first started to shoot birds I would often post on a bird forum that I use to go to lot and the birders would often tell me “Forget the camera and just watch and enjoy the birds!!” and that was not a complement, it was a scolding, LOL.
      As far as the birders in that forum thought the camera just got in the way of good birding! I learn a lot from that bunch about birding.


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