Weather : Sorry, weather is the old man’s top topic today! It is cold, windy and wet and that is all the things my old creaky joints don’t care for at all! That said, I know that I am still in a lot better area then most of the rest of the US …. but I am here for the good weather after all and that makes my fussing legit 😀! For all you folks in the really bad weather, stay warm.

Mac : I have had my Mac book Air nearly a year now, and I am still loving the thing for sure. I think I started in on Macs at just at the right time when the new M1 chips came out last year. My Mac Book Air computer is plenty power enough for all the things I do and more. I still have and use my Windows computer too and can be fully functions on either of OS’s now. Learning the Mac system was pretty easy but figure out replacement software for other apps was a bit tricky.

The New Year : Last night I woke to popping and such and look out the windows to see what the devil was going on … took a minute or so for me to realize it was just folks welcoming the new year in. LOL.

Have a good day folks