Pictures one Day …. ?

Sunday is Better : Well today is a bit chilly but far better then yesterday with no rain or wind. Nice to see the sun again, that is more the normal for this area.

Food : Trying to get back into the hang of shopping while eating better, not buying junk food and finding food that keep the taste buds in check. Not buying the junk is not so hard but trying to find filling and tasty food to replace junk food is much harder. Working on it.

Pictures one Day? : Sorry folks, I will get back to picture one day but it may be a bit yet. As I said the other day I am not getting out much and it is not the best bird season for this area right now.(Well, at least not while setting here in the RV all the time.)

Night Folks


4 thoughts on “Pictures one Day …. ?

  1. That’s o.k., John. The year is brand new. A whole bland slate to work with for your weight loss, managing your food choices, walking and exercising which includes working with hand-held weights to increase your muscle strength which in turn helps with the weight loss.
    I know you can do it, John.

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      1. John, all you need to do is commit yourself to lose 1/2 lbs. per week. By the end of the year, you will have lost about 26 pounds, and you did not need to starve yourself to do it.
        Losing weight that slowly means you will have developed a good knowledge as to what you can eat and how much to exercise and you will stick to it.
        That is what the Nutritionists in my area are advocating.

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        1. Thanks Meta, all you say is on the money, no doubt. My most successful have pretty most been that way, but the top end is the easy part, it is the last lbs the are the hardest. I am a ways out from that just now. 1/2 lb a week is fine, I would like that and I am on that track now.


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