Uncontrolled Dogs

Insurance : I am switching insurance company to Progressive, I hope they are good with their service. They beat out my old insurance company in price for sure. Had to go out and mail the paper work for the change today.

Dogs and Dumb Asses : This morning for exercise I walk down to my mail service to mail the insurance papers and on the way back I had three dogs come out on me being pretty aggressive with no owners around to control them and one of the dogs and the most aggressive one was a Pit Bull looking dog. I walk with a walking stick the size of a cane and I keep pepper spray in my pocket too, both where in hand at the time but I was able to be a bit aggressive myself along with a little loud warning and held them at bay. Pisses me off that I can’t walk down the street without uncontrolled aggressive dogs harassing me.

Okay enough ranting …. Maybe this is road rage without a car?? LOL.

Weather : Weather man says one more night of teens, hope they are right. The days are supposed to be much warmer too and that will be a good thing for sure.

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10 thoughts on “Uncontrolled Dogs

  1. There seems to be a lot of this going around lately. Maybe the dogs are annoyed at having to stay awake so much since their people are home more than usual and cutting into their nap times!

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  2. Here at the LTVA in Yuma the dogs have been pretty calm from what I’ve noticed, but I’ve named this area as “Barking Dog Mesa”. Seems like when one gets started they all join in.

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    1. Hey Dale, hope you are having a good winter other your way, wish I was there. I like pets, but pet owners really bug me sometimes. Owners don’t seem to think they have to be responsible for what their pets do when they don’t have time for them. I feel a rant coming on …. LOL.


  3. I carry pepper spray when I walk too, after having one too many scary encounters with uncontrolled dogs. I hate it when a big aggressive dog is running at me and the owner is yelling, “He’s friendly!” I want to answer, “I’m not!”

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    1. Thanks Donna, they scare me too, and when the owner is around it is them that I want to hit with my stick, LOL! The dogs that get aggressive without any other people around and not in their own territory scare me a bit more.
      This area has people that fight dogs and I know that because I have seen a couple dead ones out in the dessert that have obviously just been discarded(Both where bit bulls). One of them had a dead rooster beside it, so some jerk was fighting both roosters and dog.


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