Walking : My walking this week is going well as far as the knees holding up. Of course it is just two days into the week so keeping the finger crossed 🤞. Shorter walk today but staying with it.

Tomorrow : I think I will get out a little tomorrow for a bit and do a few chores, shopping for food and such.

Wow, doing things has come down to going to the store …. think maybe I am getting old!! Setting still has not been motivating for me at all, but it is best for now.

Birding : I am not shooting much but I have heard and seen the Sandhill Cranes flying over the area. Makes me happy to hear them, I enjoy the sound.

I watch a good many movies of late (streaming them on the computer) and I can’t help but notice have many of them have the sounds of Loons in them. Some of them even use the sound when there is no water in the scenes at all. It is a pleasant sound to hear.
You ever watch a movie and hear a bird the could not possible be in the area that the scene is representing? I guess it is kind of like seeing a movies that is showing scenes of a certain time and you see cars that are newer then the time being represented? LOL. Do I need to watch better movies, LOL?

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